Sunday, October 9, 2011

Easy Hair Clip Holder / Bow Board

Lately this hair clip holder is my go-to for birthday party presents. It's easy to make and every little girl needs a place to put all of her hair clips and bows!  I usually clip a few bows that I've made (more on that coming soon!) onto it so they know what it's for. I love the way this one turned out, it's spunky, just like the little girl I made it for.

You will need:
-Artist's Canvas (size of your choosing-depends on how many bows you have!)
-Fabric (enough to cover canvas and additional for a backing piece (optional))
-Embellishments (optional-mini decorative bows for example)
-hot glue gun and hot glue

1.Measure and Iron Fabric:
You'll want to measure out enough fabric to cover the front of your artist's canvas and to fold over so that you can hot glue it to the back of your canvas. I usually just lay the canvas on the fabric and eyeball it. Cut it out and iron it (makes it look neater). If you are adding a name to the front of the fabric, this is the time to do it. Measure where the middle of the fabric would be and place the name there. I like to use my embroidery machine, but there are lots of options: sticky felt letters, applique, puffy paint, use whatever you have!

Note on fabric: This is a great project to use up a larger scrap of fabric that you have, since the canvas that I'm using here is an 8 x 10. You could also pick up some Fabric Quarter's at JoAnn's when they go on sale (for like 99 cents) and use those--they are a perfect size!

2. Hot glue everything!
Now it's time to assemble everything. Lay your fabric on your work surface, name side down. Lay your canvas wrong-side up as well.  Fold the fabric over each side and hot glue it on to the wood.

3. Hot Glue Ribbons
Place and measure your ribbons.  You'll want to use sturdier ribbons for this project, as it will be used for clipping hair bows, so you don't want to use cheap or flimsy ribbon that will rip or tear. I use ribbons in coordinating colors and eyeball where I want them to go and how long they need to be. I cut them and hot glue them in place ON THE BACK of the fabric covered canvas.  I do not glue them to the front, except sometimes I do a tiny dot where the ribbons on the front of the canvas overlap one another. I like to do three ribbons hanging down in whatever length I choose. I also just eyeball the length of the hanging ribbon to whatever looks good. 

4. Add Embellishments (optional)

As you can see in these pictures I added small ready-made ribbons to the places where the ribbons on the front overlapped. I found them near the ribbons in the store and they came in with a bunch in a package. (I'm talking about the small white bows here--that big bow on the purple board is for your hair.)  In the second picture, I used a larger canvas, so I added a second row of ribbons all around, so that it would use up the space better. You could also use a thicker ribbon if you wanted.

5,. Heat Seal the ends of the ribbons that are hanging down.
You'll want to cut the hanging ribbons so that they are even and then heat seal them. I do this step with a cigarette lighter and hold it real close to the ribbon edge until it melts a little. This prevents fraying.

6. Backing Piece (optional)
I like to finish off my hair clip holder with a backing piece. Basically I take a piece of cardboard and cover it with a piece of fabric that matches what I'm using.  I hot glue the fabric onto the cardboard by folding it over the sides and then hot glue the whole thing on the back of the bow board, to cover up the open space. If you didn't want to do this, you could leave the back open, and then it could either be hung from the hanging ribbon that you've hot glued on, or from the wooden back of the artist's canvas. I think that the hot glued ribbon is pretty strong (as long as you use a good quality ribbon) as I've had my daughter's hanging up for a few months now and it's never come off or even budged. 

7. Hang up your bows and clips and enjoy!
I like to use a mix of store-bought and homemade clips when I give these as gifts..stay tuned for a hair clip tutorial!


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