Monday, April 23, 2012

Serge on!

Recently I have been

feeling the "baby itch." Maybe because I'm having one of my own, or maybe it's because there are just so many awesome things to create for little ones! So when a close friend off mine said that she needed some more receiving blankets, I jumped at the chance to finally get out my serger and create some for her! I was able to make three for her just today and I am so excited about making more! Enjoy the sneak peek!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Our family was recently invited to a Luau, so of course I had to get crafty! Last year, we went and didn't wear anything Hawaiian (except the leis they provided), so I thought that this year I would make the girls some cute outfits out of some Hawaiian print material I found at Jo-Ann's.

I finished the bubble skirt for my 1.5 year old yesterday:

I was so happy with the results! I used this awesome tutorial as a guide, but I made-up my own measurements for the skirt, as well as fudged my way along to make a casing for the waistband.

Now I've been researching on Pinterest for a dress for my 5 year old, as she said that she wanted a dress and not a skirt. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


So lately I've been super busy trying to organize, well, pretty much everything! This has left little time for crafting, except for making a bunch of baby bibs for presents. When we moved into our house, there was this one room with two big closets, but just one shelf near the top. Thankfully, a friend was about to come over and install nice shelving for me, oh about a year ago!! And finally, I've been able to get all of my crafts organized into one closet (well, sorta) and the kids' toys in the other. I don't have a huge stockpile of crafts or fabrics, but just a lot of little pieces that get cluttered around if they don't have a home. I have been searching on Pinterest for some easy ways to organize, and finally settled on plastic totes. Genius time, right? :)

So here's a photo of part of it, and like I said, it's a work in progress!! I just wish I could have my own giant room devoted to all of the fun things I've collected, then I could finally use them all (and then just collect more!).