Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maternity Extravaganza!

Lately I've been getting tired of wearing the same old maternity clothes that I've been wearing for my last 2 pregnancies (they've survived some of my friend's pregnancies as well!). Last pregnancy, I purchased a dress from Old Navy that turned out to be just hideous. I've come to this conclusion after much thought about it, and probably only wearing it once, because I realized it had such potential, but something just wasn't right about it. So I turned it into this dress:
And I like it so much better now! I followed this tutorial, using an old tank, some elastic and the skirt off the hideous dress. My advice is to put the skirt on first, and then try it on over the tank top, pinning it where you want and then sewing it together. I tried sorta just eye-balling where to put the tank part first, and had to take it apart because it got a little bulgy in places and didn't lay quite right. I chose this particular tank for this project because 1) it was one size too big already (perfect for a growing baby body) and 2) because it had bleach spots on it. I honestly don't know where those spots came from, because I never use bleach, but that's another story! I realized that some of the little spots where near the top, so after reading about this tutorial on how to change up your dark t-shirts using a bleach pen, I decided to give it a try! Here's how it turned out up close, before I washed it:
And after (which really doesn't do it justice, the lighting is so bad it looks like two different shirts! I promise it's the same one, and that the background color remained the same):
Using the bleach pen was fairly easy (I just put a towel underneath and then washed it separately after about 10 minutes. I'd like to try it again, using a shirt that isn't ribbed, which I think would work better. And I'm going to have to work on my art skills too, maybe find a drawing somewhere that I like and copy it. Overall the dress took an hour or two to make, which made this a really easy, cheap project and finally, something fun for me! ~Patricia

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This past weekend my husband and I were invited to an 80s "Rock of Ages" party--and boy, was it fun!!! To get in the 80s spirit, I decided to make a few things for my outfit, starting with some fun bangles. I hate having to go out and buy something for a costume that you'll probably only wear once, so why not up-cycle something that you have and make it work? I ended up making two different kinds of bangles. This first one involved painting some skinny bangles that I already had (pretty sure I bought them at Claire's way back in the day). I found some bright pink and metallic acrylic paint that I had and used this as a tutorial. (Found it on Pinterest, of course!) I didn't have masking tape, so I tried to use blue painter's tape to tape the inside of the bangles, but I ended up just putting them on my wrist with a paper towel underneath and painting away. I figured that they just needed to get the color across, and didn't have to be perfect. After letting them dry overnight, they turned out pretty good. The second bangle came from doing some basic searching and remembering how useful Modge Podge is. Seriously, you can do pretty much anything with it! I had some leftover zebra fabric, so I decided to use the Modge Podge to wrap an old plastic bangle that my daughter got at McDonald's in a happy meal (no joke). Again, I didn't want to go out and get something new, when I could just make the things I have better! It turned out super cute, but my daughter doesn't like that it isn't "soft".

Saturday, June 2, 2012


So are you in love with all the cool stuff you can find on Pinterest too? I found this recipe The Easiest Mini Deep Dish Fruit Pizzas and it was seriously a hit! It took less than an hour to bake and assemble them and actually didn't use up that much fruit, like I thought it would. If I'd had been able to score the ingredients on sale or with a coupon, it would have made it a little cheaper, but it was around $5 for everything. Not bad, considering it was gobbled up at the Beginning of Summer BBQ that we went to today. Seriously a great way to "start" the summer (although I'm pretty sure summer started back in April for us here in FL!).

Friday, June 1, 2012

So much to do, so little time to post!

Hey y'all! I've been super busy getting our playroom organized, and after donating 3 large bags to Goodwill, I think I may finally have some control over the clutter! (At least until the kids start playing with it!) I've also been working on finishing up some projects that I started long ago, doing some sewing up of holes in shirts, etc., and working on a stash of hair clips and wands, so that I always have a last-minute birthday present on hand! I also refashioned a large t-shirt into one that will actually fit my 5 year old, and I'll snap a quick picture when she tries it on tomorrow morning. Nothing like getting things put together and checking things off my to-do list; feels so good! What have you been accomplishing lately?