Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This past weekend my husband and I were invited to an 80s "Rock of Ages" party--and boy, was it fun!!! To get in the 80s spirit, I decided to make a few things for my outfit, starting with some fun bangles. I hate having to go out and buy something for a costume that you'll probably only wear once, so why not up-cycle something that you have and make it work? I ended up making two different kinds of bangles. This first one involved painting some skinny bangles that I already had (pretty sure I bought them at Claire's way back in the day). I found some bright pink and metallic acrylic paint that I had and used this as a tutorial. (Found it on Pinterest, of course!) I didn't have masking tape, so I tried to use blue painter's tape to tape the inside of the bangles, but I ended up just putting them on my wrist with a paper towel underneath and painting away. I figured that they just needed to get the color across, and didn't have to be perfect. After letting them dry overnight, they turned out pretty good. The second bangle came from doing some basic searching and remembering how useful Modge Podge is. Seriously, you can do pretty much anything with it! I had some leftover zebra fabric, so I decided to use the Modge Podge to wrap an old plastic bangle that my daughter got at McDonald's in a happy meal (no joke). Again, I didn't want to go out and get something new, when I could just make the things I have better! It turned out super cute, but my daughter doesn't like that it isn't "soft".

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