Monday, January 21, 2013

Taste test!

This morning we tried a taste test: non-organic (Astin Farms, on left) vs. organic strawberries (Driscoll's, on right). I picked both up at Super Target last night. Today is a school holiday, so a little lesson on the differences between the two was in order.

The non-organic ones were a deeper red and tasted good. The non-organic ones were much lighter in color and firmer. I left some cut-up ones on the counter for a bit and was surprised that the organic ones were firmer, although this could have just been due to the batch that I bought. The organic strawberries had a more complex flavor, a little more earthy.

The final verdict? My 5 year old liked both of them! She didn't pick one over the other. Based on flavor, I'd probably have to pick the organic. It was interesting how they tasted different but both were good.

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