Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY Baby Ribbon Toy

Today my littlest one was being fussy, so when I had a few minutes I whipped up this little gem of a baby toy. I think she's teething, because she just wants to chew on things, especially her car seat straps!

I first saw this idea as a monogrammed/appliqued bean bag on sewlikemymom here. It's a great tutorial, but you can't sell these as Taggies has a patent on the looped ribbon. But, you can make them for your kids and your friends as gifts!

I started with 2 different squares of fabric, since I wanted different textures for her to feel. They are 9 in squares. I chose six different ribbons and cut two 3 inch pieces of each.

On the RIGHT side of one piece of fabric, sew on the ribbon by folding it in half, spacing it out evenly, 3 to a side. I like to mark where mine will go ahead of time, so I make dots on all 4 sides at 2.25 in, 4.5 in and 7.75 in.

Then put right sides of your fabric together and sew around the edge, leaving a 1/4 in seam allowance, and leaving a space on one side in order to turn it right side out.

Clip your corners, turn it right side out, and use a pencil or your fingers to push out the corners. Then sew the opening shut and if you want, topstitch all around.

Now sometimes I like to add a layer of plastic to add that crinkly sound to it. I use the plastic covering to a wipes refill. I only buy Pampers sensitive wipes, so I have a lot of their refill bags lying around. I think there are 9 bags that come in the big box that I usually buy. If you add this layer, add it to the outside of your right sides together fabric. In other words, you'll be sewing plastic, wrong-side piece #2, right-side piece #1 with ribbons.

And as a side note, I just saw a friend with one of these  commercially made yesterday! How much more would a new mom love this, if it came from a friend, made with love? So go find some scraps, some ribbon and get crafty!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Freezer paper ONESIE

For Valentine's Day, I made a cute monogrammed heart onesie for my littlest one using freezer paper. I got the idea from somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot find the photo. When I do I'll post it.

If you've never done a freezer paper stencil before, you should! They are so easy and in no time, you've created something. Just be sure to irom it on really good, so the paint doesn't bleed. I've also been covering the paint with glitter, because everything is better with glitter!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tissue paper vase / Valentine's Day Project

The other day my good friend told me about an awesome site, It's like Pinterest, but is focused just on cool diy crafts and awesome tutorials.

I found this tutorial there for a cute vase for Valentine's Day, wouldn't it make a fun gift with some coffee filter flowers?

Unfortunately, it seems like when I get a fun idea for crafting with the kids, they get creative and it ends up looking nothing like the example. But hey, little Miss M. loved it, so that's all that's important, right?

I used an old green olive oil bottle, which we covered with pieces of pink tissue paper and modge podge. We put some pink hearts on there too, but you can't really see them....because of all the glitter! I just wanted to do a little sprinkling of glitter, but it came out a little fast for Miss M., so we just went with it. :)

And, I was able to make some more of my favorite household accessory: glitter clothespins! They make fun bag clips and add a little sparkle to the kitchen. The key to making the best glitter clothespins, in my opinion, is to invest in some ultra fine glitter, and not use the larger flaked stuff you can usually find for cheap. (I used a coupon for my fine glitter at Michael's.) These also make fun gift tag clips too!

Here are some pics! Happy Crafting!

~ patricia

Short Skirt re-do

My little Miss G. isn't so little anymore. In fact, my kindergartner is getting tall! Which of course means that the skirts that she loves to wear everyday are getting short!

I thought I'd try and fix this by lengthening her skirt, and what do you know, it worked!! As you can see in the photo of the all black skirt, I had to cut a few of the top layers off, then I added a strip of pinkish knit to it.

I made some basting stiches to help create the ruffle, and finished it off with using some glittery thread in my serger. It made a fun lettuce edge and best of all, it twirls beautifully!! At first Miss G. wasn't sure if she liked it, but the twirling is what made her love it (she wanted to wear it to bed!).


~ patricia

Felt flower heart

After making a cool wreath for Christmas, I found this awesome tutorial for one for Valentine's Day.

It took a few nights to make; there was a lot of felt to cut! Thankfully, I had some left over from a poodle skirt I made for Halloween a few years back, so the overall cost was minimal.  In addition to the big heart wreath, I made a smaller one using straight strips to make the flowers instead of cutting circles.

They both turned out great and are fun additions to our decor!