Saturday, February 2, 2013

Short Skirt re-do

My little Miss G. isn't so little anymore. In fact, my kindergartner is getting tall! Which of course means that the skirts that she loves to wear everyday are getting short!

I thought I'd try and fix this by lengthening her skirt, and what do you know, it worked!! As you can see in the photo of the all black skirt, I had to cut a few of the top layers off, then I added a strip of pinkish knit to it.

I made some basting stiches to help create the ruffle, and finished it off with using some glittery thread in my serger. It made a fun lettuce edge and best of all, it twirls beautifully!! At first Miss G. wasn't sure if she liked it, but the twirling is what made her love it (she wanted to wear it to bed!).


~ patricia

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