Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tissue paper vase / Valentine's Day Project

The other day my good friend told me about an awesome site, It's like Pinterest, but is focused just on cool diy crafts and awesome tutorials.

I found this tutorial there for a cute vase for Valentine's Day, wouldn't it make a fun gift with some coffee filter flowers?

Unfortunately, it seems like when I get a fun idea for crafting with the kids, they get creative and it ends up looking nothing like the example. But hey, little Miss M. loved it, so that's all that's important, right?

I used an old green olive oil bottle, which we covered with pieces of pink tissue paper and modge podge. We put some pink hearts on there too, but you can't really see them....because of all the glitter! I just wanted to do a little sprinkling of glitter, but it came out a little fast for Miss M., so we just went with it. :)

And, I was able to make some more of my favorite household accessory: glitter clothespins! They make fun bag clips and add a little sparkle to the kitchen. The key to making the best glitter clothespins, in my opinion, is to invest in some ultra fine glitter, and not use the larger flaked stuff you can usually find for cheap. (I used a coupon for my fine glitter at Michael's.) These also make fun gift tag clips too!

Here are some pics! Happy Crafting!

~ patricia


  1. Aw! I think it turned out totally cute! Now we might have to try making one that's just

    1. Thanks! Everything is better with glitter! :)

  2. Ah ha! The glitter clothespin! So cute! I am going to try that :) Thanks for the link about craftgawker. I heard you talking a bit about it to someone at the shower, but had forgotten to ge the link name. I will def. be checking that out! Thanks!