Saturday, May 4, 2013

DIY Photo Hangings

Home Decor.

Nothing scares me as much as those 2 dreaded words: Home Decor.  I just never know what to put up, so our home looks basically the same as it did over 6 years ago when we moved it. A lot of the walls are bare, there are some blinds up, but no window treatments. I once told a friend we had nothing up because we were "minimalists;" but really it's a combination of not knowing what to do and laziness.  

However, I realized that I loved going to homes and looking at other family's portraits, so I decided to start out with one wall in our living room and work from there.  I printed some of my favorite photos from our wedding and got to work.  Feel free to craft along, you can do this with any photo!

DIY Photo Hangings

claybord or similar (artist's canvas, piece of wood)
black paint
modge podge
spray sealer
hot glue
black ribbon
hanging supplies (nails, hammer)

Let's get started! 

The first thing I did was pick up this cool claybord from Hobby Lobby.  It's a nice quality board for painting on, and essentially that's what I did! My photos and claybord were similar in size.

I painted one side and the outer edges with black acrylic paint. This was a little tricky to do to get full coverage, I might try using spray paint next time, or even a sharpie in a pinch! It doesn't really matter if you want to paint the whole board or just the parts that will be seen, totally up to you!  let the paint dry, according to the directions.

I then did a thin layer of modge podge on the painted claybord, then I placed my photo where I wanted it, and then covered it all with another layer of modge podge. Let dry!

I then sealed it with an acrylic sealer spray and let that dry.  To hang it, I hot glued ribbon to the back of each claybord. I hammered some nails into the wall, and voila!  A fun, inexpensive, easy way to display my favorite photos!! 

I am not done with my first wall yet, I am finishing up on the curtains, as well as making a song lyric board with lyrics from our wedding song on it! So excited about that! 

Stay tuned, and thanks for crafting along with me!


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