Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Make a "Taggie" Monogram Baby gift!

My husband's cousin is having a baby soon, so I found this easy tutorial for making a "Taggie" monogram toy--so simple!

I got the directions from this website here.  Check it out!

I added some Warm & Natural batting between the layers of flannel to make it extra soft and give it some shape. I've made these in squares with just flannel, and I found those to be a little floppy. Just my preference!

Here's some photos of the finished product!

Have fun!
~ patricia

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sheet bag up-cycle

For my daughter's birthday, I got her a set of sheets from Target. They had little horses all over them and were just darling!

I decided to add some ribbon (as a strap) to the bag the sheets came in, and voila! A super cute messenger-style bag!

If you don't know how to sew, you could use some glue to secure the ribbon, or even hand sewing would work for this. It's just too easy not to do!

How to fix a tear in a dress! (creatively)

Awhile ago, someone gifted us a bunch of clothes, which was really awesome, since most of the items were exactly the things my daughter wanted.

There was a red pinafore-type dress in there, that would have been cute, if it didn't have a big rip right in the front.

I decided to get out the craft supplies and fix it! Felt to the rescue!

I stated by doing a Pinterest search for felt flowers and then free-handed one on a scrap of thicker paper (a good use for the million of tear-out cards that are in every magazine). I made 3 flowers in different sizes.

I was going to just plop the flower on top of the tear, when I got the genious idea to just continue the thread down to make a stem. I used the machine to make the leaves too, by adjusting the width of the zigzag as I went along. I then just sewed the flowers on and voila!

A super cute fix to an unsightly problem! I think it turned out great!