Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY Plastic Grocery Bag Holder

Want a simple easy, project that leaves you feeling like you've accomplished something?

Of course! Enter the easy DIY Plastic Grocery Bag Holder. This project took me maybe 15 minutes to complete, and it's so useful, I felt really good about myself afterwards. And that's really the reason that I love to get crafty and sew.

Basically, you sew a dish towel into a tube, put elastic at one end, and a piece of twill tape at the other end so that you can hang it up. And it's kinda fun to stuff it full of plastic bags too. Bonus!!

I used a scrap piece of flannel that I had in my scrap pile, but how cute would it be to use a coordinating dish towel in your kitchen to tidy up all those unruly bags? Love it!  I also made another one from a leg of a pair of pajama pants I shortened!

What are you waiting for? Get sewing!

~ patricia

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