Saturday, September 7, 2013

Freezer paper stencil state t-shirt

This is such a cute idea and so easy!
Freezer paper stencils are a favorite of mine, because they are an easy way to personalize any t-shirt.
If you are unfamiliar with freezer paper stencils, here's a brief how-to:
1. Print out any shape that you want, animals, states, hearts, holiday stuff, etc.
2. Trace it onto the non-shiny side of freezer paper and cut out the inside of your object, in my case, the state of Minnesota. 
3. Iron the stencil you've created onto a t-shirt. Put some cardboard directly behind the surface you're going to paint on.
4. Using fabric paint and a foam brush, paint 2 coats of paint over your stencil. Let dry overnight.
5. Carefully remove the freezer paper, then set a cloth over your creation and iron it to set.
6. Wear and enjoy! Easy!!

Never heard of freezer paper or don't know where to get it?

Click here to buy Reynolds Freezer Paper from or look for it at your local stores. I found mine at wal-mart near the aluminum foil.

Have fun!
~ patricia


  1. I love this! I SO need to make a Maine one. How do you go about cutting it out neatly?

    Also, I've found that the cheap plain shirt at AC Moore fit me really well. haha

  2. Good tip about the t-shirt! I actually just used a pair of sharp scissors to cut it out. Ha! A friend suggested an X-acto knife, but the scissors worked for me!