Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I re-covered my kitchen chairs for cheap! - Part 2

So maybe you saw my before/after photos here of my kitchen chairs.  Did you know that I covered them with a curtain from Target?

I know, right?!

A curtain I bought on sale for under $6, cut up and hot-glued to my chair forms.

It was actually so easy to do, I cannot believe I didn't think of doing this before.  I mean, did you see my chairs? They were atrocious! My apologies to anyone who's ever come over and sat on them.  How embarrassing!  Truth be told, they were all ripped up from a stray cat that we (okay, I) adopted who then had 5 kittens. We had to keep the kittens inside for 6 weeks until we could find them new homes. Boy, did they love using those claws!!

But I digress. Back to the chairs. I love how they turned out.  But then I started thinking about all the mess my 3 children will make on them. I mean, they are light-colored after all.  And not stain-resistant. At all. So what's a girl to do?  Ask on Facebook.  That's right, I wrote to Craftaholics Anonymous and asked what to do.

I got some good answers too. Such as: use iron-on vinyl; use a fabric that is water-resistant; and scotch-guard spray. I ended up using the scotch-guard and......while at first it kept the seats protected, my kids are no match for a spray.  I thought about getting some iron-on vinyl, but the fabric has a little bit of texture to it, and I really liked that about it. I'm not sure that sitting on vinyl would be comfortable, especially since we're always wearing shorts here.

Never bought Scotchguard? Click here to check it out on Amazon. It's pretty cool stuff, just didn't repel the sticky fingers and spills like I would have liked; but it's a definite step up from what we had before!

I'm so happy with the way it turned out! 

Stay tuned for more! Now that my 3 kitchen chairs (the other one was eaten by our dog) are looking good, lots of good crafting is happening!


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