Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Christmas List

With Christmas coming so soon, I've decided to make a list of some of the things that my kids have been bugging me for for the past year. Every time we're at the store and they want something, I say "Let's put it on your Christmas list." It keeps me from having to deal with sad kiddos because I won't (well, most of the time) impulse buy every little thing their hearts desire.

Because let me tell you, they want a lot of things!  And I'll be honest, we just don't have the room for all that stuff!  The more stuff we have, the more they complain about being bored. I've been filtering through their toys for month now, throwing away a little here and there. When I do, it feels good! I usually give it away to another family first, and then anything that's left I drop off at Goodwill or another similar organization.

It feels good to give, and Christmas is about giving after all!

But since this is a post about my kids' Christmas list, let's get to it! My 3 girls are between the ages of 1 and 6, so perhaps you'll find some ideas too!

1. Books!
These are my personal favorite thing to buy, because when you get tired of them, you can pass them along!  A good book is like a good friend, in my opinion. Have you seen the Pinterest idea where you wrap a book for each day of advent? Such a cool idea!

The Very Fairy Princess books :  
We have the first one and really like it!  They are written by Julie Andrews and her daughter, and they are all great stories!

2. Monster High Dolls:


I'm not really sure when/how we got into Monster High, but we did. Sorta. My girls are familiar with the characters, but aren't super obsessed with them, but they definitely want the dolls. We've got a backpack, lunchbox, movie and book, but the dolls are what they continue to ask for when we go shopping.  Always.

3. Equestria Girls

My girls have always liked My Little Pony (I actually should do a post on how they've creatively altered their MLP ponies, it's quite interesting), so the Equestria Girls are a natural progression. Although, I think I may go with Monster High, since the Equestria Girls just seem based off of one movie, so I feel like they'll grow old faster.

4. Something to do with Horses and/or Unicorns
My 3 year old is obsessed with horses and unicorns. Every time we walk through Target she is drawn to them and just wants to hug them. It's very sweet!

5. Art Supplies
My 6 year old wants to be a "singing artist" when she grows up, so I'd like to find some age-appropriate things for her to do.

6. American Girl Doll Accessories
This past summer we got our first AG doll and, according to my oldest, she is lonely. So we've got to solve that problem! lol!

Well, I think that's enough of a start for now, I'll add more as I think of it! Thanks for following along!
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