Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More wool dryer balls!

Because you can never have too many dryer balls! (a friend of mine uses 8 at a time!)

I think they are just so cool, and the kids like to play with them too. :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

DIY Christmas tree onesie

So I took a little break from blogging for the month of December, but that didn't mean that I stopped sewing or creating. Nope, not at all!  Rather, I was just too busy doing all the other stuff that a family has to do in December, besides taking some time to slow down and celebrate the real meaning of the season.

And so, my next few posts are going to be about Christmas.  Maybe you can get a head start on your presents for next year (!) or maybe these will just inspire you to modify and make something even cooler for Valentine's Day. Because there is always another holiday right around the corner! 

The Christmas Onesie:

If you're not following me on Pinterest yet, you really should (let me know, and I'll follow you back!)  I found this idea on there, but of course when I tried to go back and find it again, I couldn't!  I just had to go off of my memory and just make it up as I went along. For your benefit, here's a brief synopsis of how to make a ribbon Christmas Tree onesie. 

Cute, huh?

First you'll want to do a test-run by cutting your ribbon to the right lengths and setting everything out.  As you can see, my original idea involved a lot more buttons than the final product. I also was going to use a shiny green ribbon, but then decided against it. I also heat-sealed all of the ribbon edges to prevent fraying.  But, the material of that particular green ribbon wouldn't heat-seal (it kept lighting on fire actually), so I skipped it. 

And here's how NOT to make it. When starting this project I forgot one very crucial step. Which will happen when you are going off of a picture in your memory and not directions. Crucial-step-do-not-forget-or-your-project-will-be-a-mess:  Stabilizer. Yep. Just a simple iron-on stabilizer makes a world of difference when you're sewing on a knit onesie.  Obviously, I had to rip out the first four rows and start completely over after using my trusty iron-on stabilizer. I use the tear-away kind, and it's kinda fun to rip it all off when you're done sewing. 

I think if I were to make it again, I'd think ahead and buy a cooler button for the top and bottom.  Maybe a square-shaped button for the bottom and a cool yellow star for the top.  I could always change it out, but that means I'd have to remember them next time I go to Joann's, and I can barely remember my name when I go there, I get so overwhelmed from all the crafts I could make-colors, fabrics, paper,yarn!!!! I will just keep it as is for now (hey, Christmas is past anyways), and improve upon it for next year. 


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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Advent calendar is finally finished!

If you follow along on my blog, you might remember last year when I started making an Advent Calendar  that was inspired by one I saw in a Pottery Barn catalog. I had such good intentions to finish it, but then came something, and something else, and then here I was again at Christmas time, with my Advent Calendar still not finished!

So I got busy, and finished it. And although I didn't actually put anything in it this year (the kids wanted to shove all their Halloween leftovers inside the pockets and then eat it all, so I had to put a stop to that), I have good intentions of making cute cards for each day of Advent next year. Yup, I'm writing it down, and it will happen!

My favorite part is that the girls helped make the pockets, both this year and last year.  It really was a lot of fun, and more togetherness was experienced than if I had just bought it from Pottery Barn, that's for sure! Next year I'd also like to add an Advent wreath, but I'm trying to not get ahead of myself. ;)

Easy American Girl Doll Cape

For Christmas, I decided I wanted to make a few things for my daughter's American Girl Doll. (You can see all of the ideas I've pinned on my AG doll idea board on Pinterest here). 

But probably the best tutorial I found was for a cute, easy cape from Strictly Homemade here. I made this in less than an hour, and it's so soft and cozy, I'd probably make a full-size one for my daughter, except there is probably only 3 days out of the whole year she could wear it where we live. :)

Here's the dolly looking pretty cozy!

I modified the pattern she gave a little bit, since I had already bought soft and cuddly fabric, not fleece (which would have been a genius idea, had I found the pattern before I bought the material). Originally I had thought I would just make a pattern on my own, then I searched Pinterest, because someone out there probably thought to make a cape for their AG doll before, right?  It probably took me 2 minutes to find this tutorial. Fleece is nice because it doesn't fray, so you don't need to spend time hemming.  I used soft and cuddly on one side and red felt on the other, so technically mine is reversible. I bought a cute 1" fur trim and hand-stitched it and the ribbon ties on. 

Here are some action photos!
After cutting out the pieces, I made sure to pin, pin, pin and then trim the circles to make them even! 

Pinning again!

I sewed everything but the interior circle, then I turned it right-side out....

...then hand-stitched the fur trim and ribbon ties. 

Ta-da!!! Super cute and ready to party!

Like I said, super easy and cute, right? My daughter was so excited Christmas morning! I also made some awesome reversible skirts for her doll too.  I'll share the details on those later this week, stay tuned!


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Friday, December 20, 2013

Love Pillow Cover

That's my throw pillow cover! I made it using this tutorial from U-Create.com They call it their "10 minute Throw Pillow Cover.  And while it didn't take me 10 minutes, it definitely took less than an hour, if you don't include the time I spent winding bobbins and oiling my machine (it's so much less noisy now!).  I really like how it turned out, and can't wait to use it. It's the same material as the chairs that I covered awhile back, and I still have more fabric left to use up.  Buying a giant curtain on sale is the way to go!  I'm thinking of making another pillow cover for our living room. We're having some friends and family over on Christmas, which is really making me want to make things! I can only hope there is enough time!