Friday, December 27, 2013

The Advent calendar is finally finished!

If you follow along on my blog, you might remember last year when I started making an Advent Calendar  that was inspired by one I saw in a Pottery Barn catalog. I had such good intentions to finish it, but then came something, and something else, and then here I was again at Christmas time, with my Advent Calendar still not finished!

So I got busy, and finished it. And although I didn't actually put anything in it this year (the kids wanted to shove all their Halloween leftovers inside the pockets and then eat it all, so I had to put a stop to that), I have good intentions of making cute cards for each day of Advent next year. Yup, I'm writing it down, and it will happen!

My favorite part is that the girls helped make the pockets, both this year and last year.  It really was a lot of fun, and more togetherness was experienced than if I had just bought it from Pottery Barn, that's for sure! Next year I'd also like to add an Advent wreath, but I'm trying to not get ahead of myself. ;)

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