Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cloth wipes-easy DIY!

A while back I was invited to a baby shower and when I found out the mama-to-be was going to be doing cloth diapering, I just knew I had to sew up a few of these awesome cloth wipes!  They are super handy, have so many uses and are a cinch to make!

They are basically 9 in squares with a "decorative" top-stitch. My sewing machine is from the '80s, so it doesn't have any cool stitches. Correction: it has cool stitches, but I don't have the discs to make them. Boo!

Anyways, I just did a bigger zig-zag top-stitch to finish them. And then ironed them, because it made them look so much better! I tied them with a pretty bow, and popped them in my gift bag, along with this cute monogrammed baby gift. 

I've got to make some more for myself now!

Although I didn't get to plan this baby shower, it brought me back to this one that I did get to plan!  Check it out for some great game and prize ideas. Pin the Sperm on the Egg, anyone? Gotta love it. 


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