Monday, February 3, 2014

Mashed Potato Trick

If your kids love mashed potatoes, but you're tired of peeling all of them (like me), check out this video on a quick way to peel your potatoes:

Looks too easy, right? Boil your potatoes through, pop them in ice water for 10 seconds, then twist the peel off. It can't be that easy, can it? Well, guess what? It is! I tried this last night, and it totally worked. And really, you are just getting the potatoes cold enough to handle by putting them in the ice bath, they are definately still hot enough to eat.  Check out my pictures below!

The one caveat that I see is that the video suggests using russet potatoes, and I usually like to make my mashed potatoes with Yukon golds, so I'll have to try this with the Yukons and let you know how it goes. The other thing to remember is that you have to cook them through, which I didn't and then had lumpy potatoes.

The other thing you might be asking is "Why are your potatoes yellow ?" Well, my husband is on a tumeric kick, which is an awesome spice with a ton of health benefits. We put it in everything, which includes the mashed potatoes, and it makes them extra yummy! Try it!

This is all the skins from the 5 potatoes!

Mmmmmm, so good!

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