Monday, April 28, 2014

Anchors Away!

Have you been seeing all the cute anchor clothing on Pinterest lately? (Check out my board for some ideas!) click here!

Anytime I'm in Target, I always check for cheap plain T-shirts, so that I can embellish them. I decided to do a freezer paper stencil of an anchor on a shirt for my youngest daughter C, who is 18 months.

I found an image of an anchor I liked on the internet, printed it out, blew it up to the size I wanted, then cut it out, traced it on the freezer paper, then cut out the image again, ironed it on, painted over it all, let it dry, ironed over it all again and then voila! A cute anchor t-shirt!

Don't forget to put a piece of freezer paper as a barrier between the front and back of the shirt as well, or your project may not turn out. :) For a more in-depth look at freezer paper stencils, check out this post here.

Have fun and create something!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter/ spring shirt

Does anyone else do this? It's the day before a holiday, probably at night, when you realize...Hey! There are soooo many cute things on Pinterest that I could've made for my kid to wear/do/eat this holiday...I better get started!

Guess there's no time like the present!!

This is exactly the thought I had last night after the kids went to bed. I happened to have one solid color T-shirt in C's size, so I looked frantically around at my pins to see what I could whip up in an hour or two.

I found this adorable t-shirt on Etsy, and I decided to make just the bird portion of it, mostly because C has a long name, and I didn't feel like being up all night. :)

I had all of these fabrics in my scrap pile, and since I already had the shirt, it cost me nothing! I used an iron-on stabalizer to firm up the shirt, and Heat-n-bond to put the fabrics in place.  I then just sewed around the fabric, instead of doing a true applique; this saved time and will fray the fabric up a bit after washing, hopefully giving it some nice texture.

Scroll down for some photos. I even had time to make some cute hair clips for her (which of course I forgot to put in her hair this morning). I already had the ribbons curled for it, so that was a time-saver too.

Happy Easter and spring to everyone!