Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter/ spring shirt

Does anyone else do this? It's the day before a holiday, probably at night, when you realize...Hey! There are soooo many cute things on Pinterest that I could've made for my kid to wear/do/eat this holiday...I better get started!

Guess there's no time like the present!!

This is exactly the thought I had last night after the kids went to bed. I happened to have one solid color T-shirt in C's size, so I looked frantically around at my pins to see what I could whip up in an hour or two.

I found this adorable t-shirt on Etsy, and I decided to make just the bird portion of it, mostly because C has a long name, and I didn't feel like being up all night. :)

I had all of these fabrics in my scrap pile, and since I already had the shirt, it cost me nothing! I used an iron-on stabalizer to firm up the shirt, and Heat-n-bond to put the fabrics in place.  I then just sewed around the fabric, instead of doing a true applique; this saved time and will fray the fabric up a bit after washing, hopefully giving it some nice texture.

Scroll down for some photos. I even had time to make some cute hair clips for her (which of course I forgot to put in her hair this morning). I already had the ribbons curled for it, so that was a time-saver too.

Happy Easter and spring to everyone!

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