Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cleaning out the camera tonight...

So a few weeks ago now, we went on a cross-country road trip (read about my tips here). I am finally getting around to pulling all the photos off of our cameras! Since I have 2 digital cameras, I gave my 7 year old one of them for most of the trip, so she could record her memories too.

The pictures she took mostly consisted of photos such as the following:

The clarity and focus on this photo is great!  I only wish it was a picture of something else,
you know, like my children perhaps?

Believe it or not, this is just a sampling of the probably a hundred photos of her dolls in different poses, or all of her dolls in the same pose. Besides the dolls in the car, there were dolls in a dollhouse:

And dolls in this angel:


And if you can imagine this getting any better, just wait. It does. There were videos too.  Some favorites include the video of her picking stickers off of a window at our hotel in Chicago, the video she made during the vows at my cousin's wedding that included a lot of fast panning and close-ups, and of course the videos of videos--which is sort of genius.  She took videos on the camera of movies she was watching on her dvd player, so that when she couldn't use the dvd player, she could still watch the movies on the camera! 

Genius, right?!

Here's the "removing stickers from an 8th story window" video for your enjoyment:

This one is also quite hilarious:


I think I need to teach my child to....dare I say it...take more selfies?  At least then I might get some quality pictures of her.

There were some good photos on the camera though, such fun memories! One of my favorites is this one:

Just kidding.
This is an incredibly CREEPY photo.

This one's a keeper:
Me and my littlest munchkin. 

Tomorrow night I get to upload the other camera.....wonder what jewels I'll find there!


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