Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The oil change can wait.....

...because these dolls are in need of some shoes.

We just returned from a fabulous month vacation away "up north" as we southerners like to say, and of course the kids had all sorts of ideas about what they wanted to do today.  My minivan, which I drove all the way up north, needs an oil change.

Mostly they wanted me to make shoes for their dolls (I think they look more like ice skates).  
Felt. A crafter's best friend.
Am I right?

Thanks for the shoes!

These are the girls' Lottie dolls. We have the Spring Ballet Lottie and the Snow Queen Lottie. Click on their names to see them or buy them from Amazon. (Note: these are affiliate links.) We found them at our local toy store, however, and have had a lot of fun with them. Both are really cute dolls and are a good alternative to Barbies. They aren't as big either, so that's nice for traveling too. And they like felt shoes. :)

Any excuse to craft, right? 

And to avoid getting an oil change. Or dragging all three kids to sit and wait for the oil change. Ugh. 
Maybe tomorrow.


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