Monday, October 13, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen: We have a bike rider!

She can do it! Yay!

Every now and then we like to get the bikes out and go for a little family walk/bike ride. Last week while I was trying to walk the dog, push C in her tricycle, and encourage M to keep pedaling ("but my legs hurt!")....the pedal comes off of G's bike. Ugh. Seriously? After a big of adjusting, and having my 4 year old walk the dog, we all got back home safe and sound.

But then there was that pesky bike pedal that had to be put back on.  And there I was, grumbling again, because my 7 year old can't ride a bike without training wheels. It's time I thought. It is time.

(Because The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie, ever.) But, I digress.

So I took off the other pedal and both of the training wheels. M comes over and asks, "Oh Mommy, are you making that a balance bike?" Ummm. Yes. How do you know what that is? "I don't know." And she runs away. Ok.

I give the bike to G. She is not impressed. She cannot figure out the concept of a balance bike or why in heavens name someone would ride a bike without pedals. She hates it. She begs me to put back on the pedals, "but I can do it Mommy! I can!"

Proud parenting moment right here: My response was, "No. I don't think you can." Yikes!  But in all fairness, a few months ago, maybe in the spring sometime, (?) I had taken the training wheels off of G's bike and she had tried to ride and did sort of ok, but not great and then fell and wouldn't try again without being super scared and crying. A lot.  You know that line in the bible about wailing and gnashing of teeth? That. A lot.

So forgive me my child, if I don't want to hear you screaming and crying about how you hate your bike and you need training wheels and all that. Sigh. Fine. If you say you can do it, I'll put the pedals back on and let you try again. Even though you probably can't do it and our nice little afternoon playtime will be spoiled.

But guess what?! She did it!  She actually coasted down our driveway, pedaled down the street and mastered riding a bike without any help from me!

She proved me wrong, and I am so very, very proud of her! We've been out every night since after school to keep practicing, and she's doing awesome. I guess there's something to be said for knowing when you're ready. And she did. She even told me that she had been practicing this weekend and had gotten better; she's so proud of herself!

So what was the magic secret that suddenly she can ride a bike? Age? Better balance? Sheer determination? A need to prove mom wrong? Maybe. I think it was this scooter.

This past year we had an older couple move in across the street, and the wife gave this scooter to G. G has loved playing with it and has gotten really good at balancing on it, which probably helped her to be able to balance on a bike.

Either way, I'm thrilled. And my baby's growing up--not so thrilled about that though. :)

You go girl!

And of course, little sister M is proving she can ride a bike too. :)


  1. That's awesome, Grace!!! And you, too, Mama! ;)

  2. Yahooo! How amazing that is to learn to ride a bike unassisted!