Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Digital Coupons and Apps

Recently I've gotten back into couponing, and I am excited to say that I've been saving a bunch and getting some really good deals, which feels awesome!  The other day I got a bottle of Dove shampoo for $.27 at our local Publix.

$.27!  That's crazy! 

I've also gotten into using digital coupons from our local Publix and 2 apps: Checkout 51 and Snap by Groupon. The digital coupons from Publix are super easy, you just select them ahead of time and then enter your phone number at checkout.  I usually check a few Publix-specific couponing websites to get the best deals every week, and then I either print out the digital offers or email them to myself so that I can use them while shopping.  Check back later this week when I share my favorite couponing websites.  Feel free to sign up on the right for email updates of the latest blog posts.  I mean, you wouldn't want to miss anything, right?!

Checkout 51 and Snap by Groupon are similar apps, in which you check out the offers (new ones posted every Thursday), then upload a receipt and check the offers that are on your receipt. The receipts are processed within 2 days and you can claim a check when you reach $20.  They both have a combination of fresh food, packaged foods and home cleaning products/air fresheners. With Snap, some of the offers you can use more than once, which is pretty awesome!  Also, with Snap, you can also refer friends and earn money when they redeem offers too.  I signed up for both, because I love saving on fresh foods....well actually I love saving money and these apps are just so simple.

Hint: With some of the offers you only have a few days to redeem, so upload your receipt right away. The hardest part for me is holding on to my receipt! If you stop in at the store and grab a couple items, check the apps that night to see if you could qualify for anything.  I realized I could've earned cash back on the lettuce that I bought yesterday, but I could not find my receipt anywhere!  :(  Now I know to just snap a photot of my receipts so that I can upload them at any time!


Here are the links so you can check them out too:

Click here to check out Snap by Groupon and sign up!

Click here to check out Checkout 51 and sign-up!

Click here to sign up for a Publix account and get their digital coupons.

Let me know how much you're saving and we can compare notes!!!

~ Patricia

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