Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bakers and Chefs Baking Sheet Review (hint: it's a winner!)

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It seems I'm in a mood to upgrade lately. I've switched out a bunch of things and most recently I bought a new set of rimmed baking sheets from Sam's Club.  They are the Bakers and Chefs brand, and they come in a pack of 2 for around $11. And they are super shiny:


Before I bought them, I did some research. I really wanted to consult America's Test Kitchen (because they are so thorough with their research), but I realized that most of their stuff you need a subscription for, and I don't have one. Boo.  So, after a little more googling, I found this really intensive article from thesweethome.com.  If you care about baking sheets, you should read it, it's a great article!

It said that the Bakers and Chefs rimmed baking sheets (only available in-store) were it's #2 pick, and cost half as much as the #1 pick.  (The number one pick, by the way, was this one.)  Also, these sheets may warp at temperatures over 400 degrees, so that's a consideration if you're always baking at a high temp--which I don't usually do.   We've used them a few times a week since getting them, and I only noticed some slight warping once for a few seconds after I pulled it out of the oven. I actually pressed down firmly on the pan on both sides while it was still hot, and then it wasn't warped anymore. Maybe I have super powers! I haven't noticed any warping before or since then.

I guess some people like rimless baking sheets for baking cookies and things, and there was some research that your cookies get done faster on a rimless sheet (for those of you that can't wait), but I like the rimmed.  We mostly use our sheets for roasting, and I like that nothing will roll off of these.

Hello rim!
And this is super embarrassing.....

But these are the baking sheets we were using before....


We'd put foil down for everything (a habit we still do because it makes cleanup a breeze).

These are not so shiny.

And to celebrate our new baking sheets, we've been making some yummy dinners too!

My husband is a much better cook than I am, and I know we both love these new baking sheets! I just wish that I would have picked these up sooner, since I have to make a run to Sam's every few months to stock up on essentials anyways!

And just fyi, I have not been compensated in any way by Sam's to tell you about these baking sheets (I wish!).  I just really like them and and wanted to share with you! 

Here's the recipe for the photo on the left btw, it's a keeper! (Click here)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: t-shirt upcycle: The workout shirt

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(Am I doing this wrong, since I'm including words?)
Anyways, here we go!


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Monday, November 10, 2014

Easy T-shirt Bag Tutorial

Hey Y'all! 

The other day I was at our local natural parenting store, just browsing, scoping out the toddler carriers, when I saw these interesting bags made out of t-shirts. The concept is to basically cut off the sleeves and neck of the shirt, and to sew up the bottom.  The idea was so simple and easy, I decided to make one myself!

Last night I had an hour to spare, so I dug a t-shirt out of my upcycle bin, grabbed some scissors, and got to work! 

Got your t-shirt? Let's begin! I got this one from my mom, and while I love the color, it ended up in the upcycle bin.

I started by cutting off the sleeves individually. I then folded the shirt in half so I could make sure the sleeves were cut evenly.

I then lined up the arm holes, folded the shirt in half and then cut the sides down so they sloped.  I was aiming for an Envirosax shape, which is this awesome brand of reusable bags that roll up that I've admired for years. 

I sewed the bottom together.  I saw a cool version on my Pinterest that uses fringe from the t-shirt as  the means to the shirt together.  You can check that version out here.

I decided to add some bias tape to the edges of the arm holes and around the other edges, just to give the bag a little more structure and contrast. I didn't even pin it on first, just opened the bias tape and sewed it on.

I think it turned out super cute!  I also decided to match up the arm holes and sew the t-shirt from front to back, instead of from side to side, like is usually shown.  I just like how this looks better!  I'm excited to try it again with a shirt that doesn't have anything written on it, I think it'll be awesome!

And there you go--ta-da!!

Super easy and fast! I think this took under an hour to make, and that includes stopping to adjust my Stitcher radio podcast and trying to find the box where I store all the bias tape. :)

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