Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hey all!!

After taking the month of December and half of November off (hello family time!), I'm back and ready to share with you some of the things I'm going to be working on / want to be working on this year.  Hey, it doesn't count if I don't write it down, right?

(Plus, I'd love to see what you're going to be working on too! Share in the comments!)

1. Organizing my older daughter G's room.  Right now, it's a mismatched room with red curtains, boxes that belong in storage, a way too small dresser, a crib (I tried to pass it off as a reading nook), and some extra little tables as a makeshift desk.  I would love to get the 2 baseball wallpaper borders gone, repaint the room some fun color, find a big girl horizontal dresser, and make a headboard for the bed.  A new fan might also be in order!  I have found so many good ideas on Pinterest, feel free to follow me and get inspired too!

I can't take any before photos now because she's sleeping, but she's still using this dresser for her clothes, and she'd need about 3 of these to hold all of her stuff now!  I'm thinking of passing this IKEA Rast dresser down to her littlest sister C. She'll love having her own space!

2. Organize my sewing / craft space. It's a hot mess right now. And I just want something organized so if I have 10 minutes, I can just sit down and pick up a project and work on it. But, I also want something opaque, so that when people come over, they can't see all my unfinished stuff, since my sewing space is in the corner of our bonus space in our house.  I organized (mostly) my craft closet, but need to get this done.

Before photo:

3. Finish up a bunch of sewing and craft projects that I've just been neglecting. There's the Little Mermaid lap quilt and a bunch of bibs that I have cut out but haven't sewn together. I have also wanted to make the girls aprons for the longest time, as well as a bunch of projects that I'm sure are just sitting at the bottom of the sewing pile on my table.

The lap quilt:

4. Sell something on Etsy!  I've been making felted wool dryer balls for awhile, and I would love to sell some!  It's a goal!  Come visit my Etsy store:

5. Get another sewing machine. Ok, this seems a little weird, since I already have a sewing machine, an embroidery machine and a serger, but the sewing machine I am using right now is this adorable vintage Singer that only sews in straight lines.  I want something that does different stitches!  The other machine that I had was a 1980s machine that was gifted to me by a friend.  I ended up breaking both machines at the same time, right before Halloween.  The black vintage machine had a thread jam (fixable) and the 1980s Singer had a broken gear (fixable, but not worth it).  I am going to do some research and pick a new machine this year!

My awesome vintage Singer:

Well, that's it for right now, but I definitely want to get these things accomplished this year!  Can't wait to get started!  Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow along via email or Find us on Facebook!


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