Sunday, February 22, 2015

Surviving Saturday (#1 with no tv)

So my friends, it's that time of year again: Lent. When kids give up candy for 40 days in thanksgiving of Jesus dying on the cross. I'm saving my candy for Easter morning Jesus, thanks!

This year, I decided that my kids should give up screens. But especially our tv screen and Wii screen.  My kids said I should give up my phone screen too, but ironically, that's what I'll using to write I told then I'd cut back and try not to hide and check Facebook while they want to play with me. I'm actually hoping this causes them to play more with each other, because honestly, what else are they going to do?

So usually our Saturday mornings consist of me running out of the house at 9:40 to pick up a box from the produce co-op I'm in, and the kids watch tv from 8am (they are up so early and love tv so much that I had to make the 8am rule or they'd get up at 6, just to watch tv) until I get tired of listening to it and shout at them until they finally shut it off. Then there's a lot of "I'm bored" and "I'm hungry" and "Can we play on the Wii now?". Le sigh. It's exhausting.

So today I was really curious to see how they'd do....And surprisingly, it actually turned out great!

In the morning, instead of watching tv, they painted. Mostly the table, but on paper too. Then they met our neighbor's daughter and her dog outside and chatted with her for awhile. Then lunch. Then begging to go in our unheated pool, and finally playing next to it for a few hours. Their Barbies got to go swimming though, good for them! Then, more playing outside, watering the plants, chalk drawing on the driveway, racing Dad on the road, dinner and then playing a game with Dad, which they were soooo excited about!

Honestly, it was a good day! Once, in the afternoon, they came to me with their best sad faces (they've been practicing-no joke), and asked to watch tv.  But, I was strong and didn't give in, and to my surprise, we lived!  My husband wanted to watch a movie with the kids, but I think he enjoyed playing a game with them, just as much as they did.

So that's Day 4 / 40 technically of no tv, and we've made it so far! Are you giving up anything this Lent?

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