Friday, April 10, 2015

DIY Designer Frame

Do you love a quick easy project?

I do! I do! 

While browsing on Twitter, I found this awesome tutorial for a DIY Kate Spade-inspired frame that cost her less than $2! 

And I happened to have the exact same frame at home! (but it cost me $2--wha??)

So last night I got to making one of my own, and I can tell you that it is as easy as it looks. :)

For the full tutorial, check out the original post here:  The original contributor writes over at Crafts by Courtney.  It's a pretty cool blog, check it out! 

Then run out to JoAnn's or Michael's and get yourself some supplies to make this cool frame.  You just need a frame, some polka dot scrapbook paper, a little wooden word or figure, extra fine glitter, some craft paint and modge podge to glue it all together--easy, right?

 I'm going to put it up in my freshly painted bathroom, can't wait to show you all that when it's finally ready! 

And now that I have some new gold glitter, I'm going to have to make something--stay tuned!


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