Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day Trip to the Beach

Saturday. Family Day.

I started out Saturday morning by taking our 8 year old to Irish dance lessons. (I'm kinda jealous that I'm not doing Irish dance lessons, shhh.) She was the only one in class today, but she did really, really well; so proud of her!

The hubs and I decided that we'd take the kids to the beach this afternoon. Last week I took the girls with my mom and we had the best time. M is totally into nature and wanted to bring her goggles and look in the water too.  Hubs is really good at looking for sand fleas in the water, and we even found a few sand dollars too. Last week we found over 20!

On our way to the beach...notice the rain on the van windows....
We had tacos from the best little taqueria in town while waiting for the rain to stop. Yummm!

We beat the rain, but the dark clouds are still over there.

Searching for sand fleas!

Nature girl (notice the goggles!)

Not long after we were out in the water, it started storming and lightning again way out on the water, so we headed in to the restaurant (part of a hotel) that was nearby. We got some grub and then swam in the hotel's pool. We saw the same girls in the pool that we had met at the beach; they were so sweet!  One of the girls asked me if I "lived here", which of course I said yes. She then asked me my hotel room number, to which I answered, "No, I live here." And she seemed really confused. It was kinda cute. 

But locals go to the beach too. And we know better than to swim when there's lightning out on the water! Last year I had to convince one of our extended family members not to swim when there was a storm thisclose to the beach. People have gotten hit by lightning and died, y'all. Not worth it!

And now it's off to bed, because the weekend's not even over yet!


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